Get Your Brows Into Shape!
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Get Your Brows Into Shape!

Brows Are VERY Important...

Have you ever noticed that your eyebrows are the most important thing on your face, and when people talk to you, they are usually the first thing they notice? It's true!

This is why it's so imperative to find a professional who understands that it's not about what is "better", it's about finding someone who knows what they are doing. Eyebrows aren't just about how to apply the wax and how to remove it, it's about understanding face shapes and how the hair grows. There isn't a "cookie-cutter" shape for everyone. Eyebrows are very unique to each individual and help to balance your face.

When shaped properly, eyebrows frame your eyes, and brighten up your face, even if you already have a nice natural shape to begin with, a subtle change can make a big difference. Eyebrows can soften your face, or make you appear more harsh depending on their shape.


 Here are a few key steps to finding the right eyebrow professional for you:

1. Find reviews, or ask your friend with the killer eyebrows where she gets them done. When you go to get your eyebrows done, pay attention to what THEIR eyebrows look like. If they don't have the best eyebrows, chances are they are not the right person to be doing yours.

2. Ensure that you get a great consultation that specifically explains what is going to be done and what the immediate and long-term results will be, before they ever put wax to skin or begin a threading service - you want to be certain that you feel comfortable with the person who will be performing your service, and you want to make sure you are investing your money wisely.

3. Check the wax they are using. Good quality waxes are the best for waxing, especially facial waxing, as the skin on our face is the most delicate. Ask them to dip a stick in and show you the wax, if it's thick and not softly dripping, then it means they are using a very harsh wax that is probably cheap and can cause skin irritation. 

4. Make sure they are not double-dipping!! Even if the wax is extremely hot, bacteria can still grow inside the wax pot, and can lead to various skin conditions that may or may not be treatable. Trust me, you don't want it on your face!

In my 12 years of experience, I've had clients sit in my chair with skin irritation, scarring, eyebrows waxed to the point that they need to be grown out for a few months to regain their fullness, skin conditions passed from person to person, etc. I couldn't believe that a professional would let someone leave their chair like that! Hopefully, these tips ensure that you are prepared enough to get a great service and enjoy your marvelous eyebrow shape!

I started the tradition of first time eyebrow design for free, because I understand how hard it is to find and invest money in something that isn't worth it over and over again.

At the Lounge, first time is free, and it's worth it!

-Avital :)


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