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Wanted By Everyone! Read more

Wanted By Everyone!

With 20+ years of experience in skin & makeup, I listen to what people want & need and understand that people are SO ready for some changes in their makeup products & daily...
How to Apply Loose Eyeshadows Read more

How to Apply Loose Eyeshadows

How to Apply Loose Eyeshadows Loose eyeshadows are raw ingredients. They aren't baked like pressed eyeshadow, which means that the pigment of these eyeshadows are super strong and will...
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Our blushes come in a variety of colors for any skin tone and any type of skin. Achieve natural daytime, to dramatic nighttime looks. And don’t just use them on your cheeks. Blushes make...
Pressed Powder Read more

Pressed Powder

Pressed Powder Pressed Powders are great products that will: 1. Give your makeup a full Coverage look 2. Keep your makeup looking fresh all day without the need to touch it up.
Quick Tip Read more

Quick Tip

Did you know that the only differences between a pan of blush and a pan of eyeshadow are the size & price?
vivid hair care guide Read more

vivid hair care guide

With vivid hair comes great responsibility, because these colors only stay bright and vibrant for so long. If you’re thinking of switching natural hues for something with a little more...
Happy Summer Hair Read more

Happy Summer Hair

Sun-kissed days spent outdoors are just one of our favorite things as spring breathes new life into the world and slowly turns into summer. The benefits of prepping your hair for the summer...
Hair and More Read more

Hair and More

Did you know Avital Beauty Lounge does more than just hair? Learn about the many beauty treatments and services we offer.

Holiday Makeup Looks Read more

Holiday Makeup Looks

Trying to perfect your holiday makeup look? Avital Beauty Lounge has the scoop on several hot looks this season: http://ow.ly/d/5Eht
Thinking about getting waxed? Read more

Thinking about getting waxed?

Waxing removes the hair by the root, you should not have hair for about 3 weeks on average. For people with dry skin, moisturize your skin daily. If you don’t moisturize your skin, your body...
Chemical peels Read more

Chemical peels

Winter is here, and it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate, and not hibernate. Have you looked in the mirror recently, and been dismayed at the tired, dry look of your skin? This summer, along...
The Re-definition of Radiance! Read more

The Re-definition of Radiance!

If your goals for your skin are to reduce early aging lines, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture, photo damage, acne, surgical scars, or improve overall skin health, then we've got a new facial...
Feeling Mysterious? Read more

Feeling Mysterious?

Have that sultry, darker look that makes a statement and draws attention to the eyes and lips, and creates a contrast to make your features pop and smoke.
The Reason is YOU Read more

The Reason is YOU

I've had a few clients stop by recently to tell me how much they love the energy and the work we do here. I'm sharing this with you here on my blog because I want you to know how thankful and...
What's YOUR Resolution? Read more

What's YOUR Resolution?

From exercising more, to eating better, saving more money or just smiling more often. When the New Year rolls around we all aspire to be better people and have a better year.
Get Your Brows Into Shape! Read more

Get Your Brows Into Shape!

Have you ever noticed that your eyebrows are the most important thing on your face, and when people talk to you, they are usually the first thing they notice? It's true!
Give Thanks! Read more

Give Thanks!

As the holidays approach, especially Thanksgiving, Avital and the team want to GIVE BACK!
A Warm Welcome! Read more

A Warm Welcome!

Going to a new stylist can be scary! Here are some tips to make your next trip to a new salon (hopefully ours!) easier. 
Beauty is More Than Skin Deep Read more

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

It isn't a secret that overexposure to the sun can cause wrinkles, sun spots, freckles, mole change, and skin cancer, but do you ever wonder exactly why this reaction occurs?
Seeing RED! Read more

Seeing RED!

Every woman can be a gorgeous redhead. It’s all a matter of finding the right red for you. When it comes to maintaining red hair color, the way you take care of your color will definitely...
Makeup Tips for Women of Color! Read more

Makeup Tips for Women of Color!

When browsing for makeup, some women of color may find that not all cosmetics lines cater to their beauty needs.  Women of color have some of the most beautiful skin tones around! As you get...
Gentlemen, lend us your ears! Read more

Gentlemen, lend us your ears!

You know how amazing your hair looks right after leaving the salon? Problem is, most guys have a hard time recreating that style at home. We here at Avital Beauty Lounge want to let you fellas...