Hair and More

Hair and More

Many of our clients and followers know Avital Beauty Lounge offers hair styling for everyone, but did you know we can help with a range of beauty treatments and services? Once you've achieved the hairstyle you want, we can help with makeup, waxing, and other beauty treatments.

Got a special day coming up? Our makeup services are great for special occasions like prom or weddings. We also offer lessons if you want to improve your makeup application skills for everyday wear, or want to learn how to perfect a new look that interests you. If you're looking for safe, natural makeup but finding it difficult to match your skin tone, we also offer custom-blended foundations just for you. (As a reminder, all of our products are chosen because they are healthy, natural alternatives to common beauty products that contain harsh chemicals.) We also offer brow and lash tints and waxing services.

If you have questions about our services or scheduling, please contact us at: 925-210-0200.


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