How to Avoid Hair Breaking Off
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How to Avoid Hair Breaking Off

Hair break-off can be frustrating, and there are so many things that cause it—harmful hairstyles (like a ponytail pulled too tight), chemical processing (like coloring or perms), sun damage, and more. Here are some tips to help prevent breakage and keep hair healthy:

  • Always use a moisturizing shampoo and follow with a moisturizing conditioner. Be gentle when lathering the shampoo into your hair.
  • We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Don't towel-dry your hair. If you need to use a towel to remove excess moisture, blot the hair gently. Never wring or twist your hair.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb on your hair, and unravel any tangles gently, with your fingers, not a comb or brush. If you do use a brush, find one with widely-spaced bristles and plastic ball-tips. Make sure it feels comfortable when you brush it over your hand.
  • Avoid sun and wind damage. Sun exposure can be as bad for your hair as it is for your skin, and wind can be harmful to hair as well. Wearing a hat or scarf over your hair when you're out in the elements—especially for a long period of time—can help protect hair. If you want your hair to be seen, use a leave-in conditioner.
  • Avoid damage from chemical processes by letting a professional do it. A professional hairdresser knows the right formula and the right amount of chemicals to use on hair. Playing a guessing game at home can lead to using too much color, which can lead to breakage.
  • Try to avoid stressful styles like too-tight updos or braids. If you do wear them, try to be gentle and don't pull the hair too tightly. Don't sleep with clips, rubber bands, barrettes, or hair combs.
  • Use healthy, natural shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to keep hair healthy. If you have questions about coloring, styling your hair, or finding the right products, please contact us at Avital Beauty Lounge today: 925-210-0300 or

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