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Summer Skin Glow Secrets Read more

Summer Skin Glow Secrets

As the environment and weather change...so does the look and feel of our skin. So with summer just around the corner, here are some tips to keeping a smooth complexion all summer from our lovely...
Attention Brides! Read more

Attention Brides!

Your wedding photos are a lifelong investment and will be remembered for years to come. Don't leave your look to chance! Our experienced hair and makeup professionals will help make your big day...
Scrub The Past Away Read more

Scrub The Past Away

We have had several clients ask us why their scalp is itchy, flaky or dry around certain times of year, and in response we have created an in-house scalp treatment to help scrub away last season's...
Avital Moment Read more

Avital Moment

Read on, makeup aficionados! Today, Avital walks you through how to achieve a clean, classic makeup look good for every day wear!
Bronzer is your friend! Read more

Bronzer is your friend!

Summer is almost here, and don't we all want that SUNKISSED look without the damage of the suns rays? Well, with our Bronzers you can achieve a beautiful "tan" without the sun!