Bronzer is your friend!
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Bronzer is your friend!

Summer is almost here, and don't we all want that SUNKISSED look without the damage of the suns rays?

First, start with SPF, this protects your skin from the sun rays but still allows you to tan.

Second, use Bronzers, these can add warm /tan color look to your skin.

Use a blush brush to apply dark tone on your cheeks and with a powder brush apply medium tone Bronzer to your forehead, nose and chin.

Why are we using two different brushes for applications? Because the size of the brush makes a difference! The smaller the brush, the darker the color will be. That’s why we want to use a blush brush on the cheeks to make them little bit darker than your skin tone (apply it like you’re applying blush). Use a powder brush on your forehead, nose and chin, the powder brush has more hair on it which will make the color look softer, that way you still get the tan look without looking over-done.

Third, use illuminators after you’re done applying Bronzer to highlight your skin, and TADA, you'll be glowing! You can apply illuminators to any area where you want your skin to glow. We recommend to use illuminators under and beside your eyes and little bit on the cheeks, just to give yourself a natural glow without making yourself looking too made up.

Please remember to start slowly with Bronzers, you don’t want to look over-done. It’s always better to add more little by little than trying to take it off and do it all over again, you end up with much cleaner, softer look.

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