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Read on, makeup aficionados! Today, Avital walks you through how to achieve a clean, classic makeup look good for every day wear!

Start by applying a tinted SPF 30 and above to even out your complexion, diminish the appearance of blemishes, and protect your skin from the sun. Don't forget, you can still get tan with SPF, it will just help to prevent sunburn, so a higher SPF is encouraged!

Add a light line of black Eyeliner - I recommend gel Eyeliner, as it's not too shiny and it will stay all day which is very important in summer time when it's hot.

Apply white Pencil inside the eye line and go over it with light beige Eyeshadow to keep it all day.

Apply a light blush color or a light Bronzer so it doesn't take over the look.

With this look you can't go wrong with the Lipstick! You can use soft color, like tan, or you can go hot red! Wear this look for day time, a night out, or for any occasion!

You can find the makeup you need to get this look, of course, here at Avital Beauty Lounge! Call (925) 210-0300 for a free consultation today, or book an appointment for a makeup lesson with me! I'd love to help you achieve this great look on your own!

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