Scrub The Past Away
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Scrub The Past Away

This treatment will help cure your change-of-season scalp woes, read on to find out how!

As time goes on, in each season, you will find your scalp and your hair affected in different ways. The way to help with this is to reset your scalp and hair back to it's natural pH levels, to cleanse away anything that may be affecting the balance. The best way to do this is with a scalp cleansing treatment.

When your scalp is massaged with shampoos containing peppermint oil, tea tree oil, or eucalyptus oil, you'll feel a slight tingling sensation. These essential oils, when paired with brown sugar, help to increase circulation and blood flow to your scalp, cleanse away any buildup around your follicles, which boosts growth and strengthens each individual hair strand!

Our Brown Sugar Tea Tree Scalp Scrub is just what the doctor ordered to get you cleaned up and ready for anything! You will not only see but feel immediate results! Since we also include coconut oil in our formula, it is very hydrating, which is great if you have dry or curly hair. We recommend this treatment every 2-3 months (once each season) to keep your scalp happy and healthy. We offer this at the low cost of $30, and include a blow dry so you can still leave the salon feeling like you look your best! 

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