Attention Brides!
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Attention Brides!

Check out these updos with helpful tips






Bridal Tip #1: Making sure that you love your hairstyle and makeup is critical and a consultation before the big day is highly recommended. Schedule a consultation in advance to discuss the look you want, or to discover new options.

Bridal Tip #2: Bring in photos, even if it's just a portion of the updo/style/makeup that you like. A curl placed in the perfect spot, the eye-catching swirl of a french twist or a bun, a cat-eye line that's to die for, etc. We appreciate visual aids! 


Bridal Tip #3: Make sure to ask a lot of questions and don't be afraid to speak up if you see the direction the style is going or you don't like it. It's very important to make sure you let your stylist and makeup artist know if it fits your personality or not. 


Bridal Tip #4: Try to wear a button down shirt that is the same color as your dress to the appointment so you can see what your makeup and hair will look like. Plus, it's it's easy to remove if you want to try on your dress to get the full effect. We even have a room where you can change!


The bottom line is, we are here for you on one of the most important days of your life. We want you to feel comfortable expressing your opinion so we can get you to look your very best - and still feel like you look like yourself for the occasion. We want your memories to last a lifetime, and we want them to be all positive! :)


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