Feeling Mysterious?
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Feeling Mysterious?

Don't we all want to be mysterious once in awhile?


The smoky eye look is a great way to get a mysterious, sizzling stare.




Step by step information and instructions:

STEP 1: First and most importantly, please use a moisturizer with SPF. This will protect your skin and keep it healthy.

STEP 2: To create a shine-free, natural matte finish, lay a base of invisible matte finishing powder. You can use a powder brush for a softer look, or if you need more coverage you can use a sponge.

STEP 3: Add a little illuminating veil to the cheeks to give your face luminosity. Apply right along your cheek bone with your brush pointing upward, from top of the bone down, not side-to-side.

STEP 4: Apply a smoky plum matte eye color to the entire eyelid to add depth.

STEP 5: Line your lashes with black liquid eyeliner for an extra pop! Line the inside of your eyelid with black pencil, and on top of it, apply with a small brush the same smoky plum matte eyeshadow you put all over your lids. This will keep the eyeliner all day and give your eyes that extra smokiness.

STEP 6: To make this look last its longest and thicken your lashes, apply your mascara twice. Make sure you apply on the top of your lashes so you cover up any eyeshadow that has dropped onto your lashes, and give it a little curl by twirling your mascara wand.

STEP 7: Choose a dark purple lipstick and gloss. Purple is a great way to add depth and color.

STEP 8: To finish the look, use a matte powder one shade darker than your skin tone on the underside of your jawline and framing your face around the forehead and top of the temples. Be careful not to apply to heavily, as you don't want it to be obvious, just to add contour. Also add a light matte powder around the temples and sides of your eyes to your cheek bones.

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