You’re Special!
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You’re Special!

Special promotion for you!


Avital Beauty Specials:

First time eyebrow design free!
For every 5 eyebrow services, 6th time free!
Refer a friend, get 20% off your next service. Thank you!
Purchase $30 of Avital makeup, get free makeup application


There are a few reasons we do promotions:

A big part of the beauty industry is referrals. Everyone has a story about bad experiences somewhere, and it's so easy to focus on that. It's encouraging to hear of stories where you were so happy with your service you just had to let everyone know!

It's hard to find someone new to do your hair, makeup or waxing that you can trust. There are dozens of salons in downtown Walnut Creek, it can get hard to figure out which one is going to be the best fit for you. It's much easier to take a risk when you get something for free, which is why we do first time eyebrows free. Once you come in and see what we can do, we are confident that you will keep coming back.

Doing your 6th time eyebrows for free, or giving you a free makeup application with your purchase of $30 or more of Avital's makeup line is a natural way for us to say thank you! We feel that if you find the time to let people know where you got that great haircut, those amazing eyebrows, or that fantastic red lipstick, you deserve something back from us!

We like to keep things positive here at Avital Beauty Lounge, from start to finish, service or product, and we want you to know that you are always appreciated!

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