The Reason is YOU

The Reason is YOU

Thank You!


I created Avital Beauty Lounge with you in mind. And when I say that, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I wanted this to be somewhere people could feel like they have a space all their own to come in, feel comfortable, feel taken care of, and have a great time. Knowing that they are going to leave happy and satisfied, with the results they wanted to achieve. I wanted them to feel confident and trust that we are giving 110% of ourselves, which means we will never take you for granted, we will always give you an honest opinion without our profits in mind.

Our business is the most successful through client referrals. When people write a Yelp review about us, or like us on Facebook, or tell their friends about their experience here, it makes such a huge difference.

Every word that comes from you means so much to me. I want to hear this because it lets me know that everything I put in to the Lounge, every dollar I spent creating the beautiful space for you to enjoy, and all the hard work we are doing every day is worth it.

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