What is Demi Hair Color? How to Tell if it’s Right for You.
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What is Demi Hair Color? How to Tell if it’s Right for You.

Want to cover your gray but don’t want to commit to permanent color? Demi permanent may be your solution. It can turn the volume down on your color, taking it from a scream, to a whisper.

Demi can give a softer, sometimes more blended look to gray, leaving the hair to appear more natural. Permanent color can leave hair with a distinctive line of the previous color application when it starts to grow out. Demi color softens over time, so there will appear to be no harsh line where the color was last applied. 

Demi doesn't always provide full coverage so it's best used on clients with up to 50% gray hair. If used on hair with more than 50% grey, the likelihood that you will still "see the gray" is much higher, so we recommend clients with a larger percentage of gray hair try permanent color.

Demi color isn't just a good option for those wishing to cover gray. If you are looking for a less damaging color, demi permanent is deposit only.  What does this mean for the client? Demi permanent color cannot lighten hair, but it can darken or change the tone at the same level. Also, if you want to add more dimension to your natural color, you can simply apply a glaze of demi to give dull hair more life.

Taking the demi color a level lighter than the pigment in your hair can give it the natural appearance of highlights without the drama of using foils and lightener. This is a healthier way to give your hair more dimension with the use of only one product.

Demi color is also great for adding shine to hair! When applied over grays, it smooths the cuticle of your hair, keeping those stubborn, unruly grays from feeling so dry and out of control.

If any of these examples sounds like you, the next time you're in your stylist's chair, ask them if you're a candidate for making the switch to demi.

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