Leave it to the Professionals: Why You Should Skip At-Home Color Removal
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Leave it to the Professionals: Why You Should Skip At-Home Color Removal

Why You Should Skip At Home Color Removal

We’ve all seen the tutorials on YouTube about how to remove hair color at home, or know someone who has done it successfully. You may have done it as a teenager, or have contemplated buying the remover from the local beauty supply. It doesn't help that everyone tells you it's so easy to boot! But trust me when I say you should leave it to the professionals. Here's why:

It’s complicated.

Seriously. You never know what’s going to happen when you lift out that old, unwanted color. You may not be prepared for what lies beneath—however, a professional is. We are trained to correct color, and let you know what the various outcomes may be. We’ll let you know why it can’t be done in just one sitting, and how many return appointments you might need. Sometimes it’s not so bad, but you never know what you’re dealing with until you see the results of the first color removal.

Box dye changes things… more than you’d think.

It can actually compromise the molecular structure of the hair. Box color will also lighten the hair in the process of the color developing. What does this mean for you? It will always leave the hair with an orange cast even after it has faded, leaving undesired brassy tones throughout. So no matter what you’re trying to achieve, your hair will always look warm, even if you don’t want it to.

You’ll probably need some TLC.

Color removal can sometimes bring out the worst in our hair. It can make it dry, brittle, and fragile. This can be alarming, or even traumatizing if you’ve never experienced it before, but rest assured, we have the products to set you straight. There are many types of treatments for damaged hair, from simple, natural products like coconut oil, to more complex products like Olaplex, with it’s 3-part system designed to heal your hair from the inside out.

We’ll take you through the process of rebuilding your hair, let you know what to expect, and how to care for it at home. We will also recommend a return visit for the health of your hair, to see how it’s holding up, and to let you know where we are in the process of color removal.

It’s never just one step.

Trust us. As hairdressers, we begin our career very curious about the limits of hair, what it can take, and just how far we can push it. We’ve tried finding ways to do one-step color removal, and it almost always ends with step two, and sometimes three. Sure, we got most of it on the first try, but there were always stubborn spots we missed, places where the color just wouldn’t lift out, and uneven patches throughout the hair. We know from experience, just one round might not cover everything as well as you would hope.

Money saver? Not exactly…

You might think you’re saving money doing it yourself, but only for that moment. Who knows what further damage you might have unknowingly done in the process. Many products claim there will be little to no damage, but that isn’t always the case. If you’ve previously lightened your hair, had a permanent wave, or even a keratin straightening treatment, at home removers might just make the hair so fragile it can’t be repaired, but needs to be cut. In some cases,  you may even end up with what we call a "chemical haircut," meaning the hair becomes so damaged at a certain point,  it simply breaks off in uneven chunks.  Not a great look!

If you come to a professional to guide you through the stages of color removal, they won't have as much to correct, the process will be shorter, and it will take fewer appointments.

So leave it to the pros!

If you’re itching to get that color out, come to a professional. We only want what's best for you and the health of your hair.

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