Holiday Makeup Looks
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Holiday Makeup Looks

Holidays, holidays, holidays!

It's all about the glitter and sparkles.

What's a better way to kick off the holiday season than with glitter? We're all about glitter and sparkle, as long as its not overdone. Other great colors for the holidays are burgundy, purples, soft pink and gold.

Adding some glitter to your holiday makeup can create a very romantic or sexy look. If you're going for the romantic look, apply soft pink eye shadow on the eyelid and on top of that, add some clear glitter, then spread the rest outward. Apply light to medium burgundy eye shadow on the crease, a soft brown on the outer corner of the eye, and white eye shadow under the brow line. On the water line, apply a line of white pencil. Apply shimmer under the eyes up to the temples. Add soft purple blush, and pink lipstick with a clear shimmer gloss.

If you want to go between romantic and sexy, just repeat these steps, but instead of the pink lipstick, apply the dark burgundy lipstick.

If you're going more for the sexy look, use gold eye shadow on the eyelid, medium to dark burgundy on the crease, dark purple on the outer corner of the eye, dark purple on the water line. For blush, use dark purple starting from the ear to the middle of the cheek, and then on top of that, but just in the center of the cheeks, use a bronze gold. When going for the lipstick, choose a nude color. For this look, you have two options: You can go with pink glitter on the eyelid and the crease, or you can add some on the lips.

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