Help! My hair won’t grow

Help! My hair won’t grow

                                                                    Help! My hair won't grow

Have you ever wondered why your hair isn't growing in as thick or as long as you would like it to or has your hair started to thin out and you don't know why? There are many internal and external factors that can play a part in your hair growth, but with some subtle changes you might be able to give your hair the support it needs to grow. Below are 5 common problems people have and some easy life changes that can help you and your hair live your best life!

Age- Our hair grows the fastest when we are kids and as we get older our hair growth can slow down substantially. This is because some of the hair follicles stop producing hairs and the hairs that are growing often have a shorter lifespan before they fall out. 

What you can do about it: Taking Biotin (also known as Vitamin H) can help give your hair a boost by ensuring you have adequate nutrients in your system. 

Genetics- There is part of our genetic code that controls how long our hair can physically grow. Some people have hair that just won't grow past their collarbone. If this is you, know that it is completely normal and just part of your genetic makeup. 

What you can do about it: Be kind to yourself! Finding a hairdresser to help you find a hairstyle that is flattering and gives you the most out of what you have can also be life-affirming.  

Stress level- When we are stressed our body has to cut off efforts to the less important body systems which often means our hair isn't getting the support it needs to be at its healthiest. 

What you can do about it: Practice Mindfulness techniques to reduce your stress levels and talk to your doctor if it continues for longer than a few weeks as this could be something more serious than stress alone. 

Breakage/Split Ends- these things can happen when you overprocess the hair with color/bleach, Use heat on it too often, or just by going too long between cuts. 

What you can do about it: Getting regular haircuts (every 2-4 months) will keep your ends healthy. Also, if you get your hair colored ask if your stylist has Formula 18 or Olaplex. These products go into your color or can be used as a standalone treatment to heal the hair from the inside out. 

Product Buildup/Chlorine Buildup- If you use products in your hair every day or swim often the chemicals can build up on the scalp and prevent your follicles from getting the proper airflow. 

What you can do about it: Use a clarifying shampoo once a week or after every time you swim. My recommendations are either John Masters Zinc & Sage or Colure’s Clean Start Treatment Shampoo 

Mix up the suggestions above. You may find that some of them fit into your lifestyle, and help your hair to feel its healthiest, and that others don’t apply to you and That's OK! 

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