How to get the bob haircut of your dreams!

How to get the bob haircut of your dreams!

How to get the bob haircut of your dreams!

Whenever you opt to change your hairstyle, there are a few factors to consider with maintaining your new look. We’ve compiled a handy list of things to think about, complete with suggestions based on your current look!
Often a shorter haircut means noticing more waves, curls and the ever-dreaded cowlicks. Your bob hasn’t caused these things, there’s just less weight holding your hair down or straight, so its existing textural issues can exist freely.
 Curls become more voluminous and straight hair takes on a more blunt look. You can, of course, fight against these issues with styling, but we say WHY? Sleek bobs are beautiful, but they’re not the only way to wear this style – you can go undone, beach wavy, or curly too!
Depending on the style & length of bob you go for, you may find the need to make more frequent haircut appointments.  If you’re rocking a blunt bob, expect to get a trim every four weeks or so. If that’s a bit too much, don’t worry, there’s still a bob that suits you. Ask your hairdresser for a slightly A-lined bob with lots 
of blended, loose layers as this cut will still look beautiful even when it grows out.

Even weight distribution is key with bobs. Styling is secondary, and if the cut isn’t done right, it makes at-home styling too difficult for the client.

The Lob is a  style of  bob that is like a gateway drug! It can swing open the door to a bunch of different shorter cuts.  It's almost always been about long hair vs. short hair, which tends to be too big a jump for some clients

Layers can be a trap when you have long hair: They often require a lot of styling to look good, and get you to think you need more length to pull off a lived-in style. If you bring up the length so the bottom layers are closer to the shortest layer, it has a stronger perimeter line – and you will get that messy look easily. If there is any kind of weight line on the ends, the hair almost always wants to naturally flip out, depending on your texture. Using a flat iron will still leave a bulky result with a weight line. How to prevent this from occurring? Opt for an undercut. This allows the hair coming from the nape to go from shorter to longer, which will give a more shattered and lived in look.  Sometimes the mistake is thinking a bob has to be one length. A blunt bob will definitely look uniform, however, there needs to be some interior layering in it to further prevent weight and the dreaded ‘flippy ends’.


A blunt bob with fringe is great for those who enjoy a longer, sleeker look. Making it really sharp and straight with bangs is dramatic and beautiful. It gives the same effect as longer strands, but the bangs give the mysterious long-hair feel. Depending on your hair texture, this will be equivalent in terms of styling time and technique as having a longer cut. You can ease into this one by going shorter slowly, starting with a collarbone length lob. .

For those who enjoy sporting the “mermaid waves” hair, we suggest a chin-length, A-line bob. For many having long, luxurious hair is all about feeling sexy. A textured cut that hits the chin will deliver that same feeling with even more volume. This is for those clients who are ready for a BIG CUT. It’s especially sexy and playful when styled wavy and tucked behind one ear, but shouldn’t require much daily styling.
A shaggy lob with a side-swept fringe is great for clients who like a long-layered cut. A shag gives lots of movement and shape, and you can opt for side-swept bangs for play around the face. Ask your hairdresser to add texture to the bangs so you can part them wherever you’d like and can style more sleek or messy depending on your mood!

If you’re still not sure if a bob is right for you, dip your toes in with a softly layered lob. This classic is a great way to get a feel for a shorter look without the grow-out commitment. It will feel fresh and modern, but you can still pull it into a bun or ponytail. If you like to wear your hair wavy ask for a few light layers, this ensures you can still let it air dry regardless of your hair texture.

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