Haircuts for Men
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Haircuts for Men

Over the years, we have noticed that a lot of men come into the Lounge and ask if we cut men's hair. Our reply is always "Why yes we do!" Also, we would like to correct the assumption that we don't. We are here to help everyone look and feel their best, and leaving men out would simply be unacceptable. 

Men do and should care about their hair. And why not? People spend a lot of time looking at your hair—in fact it might be the first thing people notice about you, which means your hairstyle can speak volumes about your personality. 

Men's hairstyles are also a relatively inexpensive way to switch up your look. Changing your hairstyle enables you to upgrade your look for a fraction of what it would cost to revamp your wardrobe, and there's nothing quite like a fresh new 'do to make you feel like a new man. Because WE CARE, we wanted you men out there to know that we are here and dedicated to helping you look and feel like the best man you can be! 

Our team of stylists are here to help you achieve the haircut you have been dreaming of, even if you are unsure of what you want. We feel a consultation is vital to building a relationship with you. The better we understand your personality, your style, and how much effort you'd like to put into your hair, the better we can come up with a great cut tailored specifically to you. We'll even go over styling ideas and suggest products to help you achieve the look you want, with a few different options so you don't feel locked into one style. We are here to help you anytime, and welcome calls when you have questions about styling. Please call us at 925.210.0300.

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