Gentlemen, lend us your ears!
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Gentlemen, lend us your ears!

How to make your hair look good all the time


You know how amazing your hair looks right after leaving the salon? Problem is, most guys have a hard time recreating that style at home. We here at Avital Beauty Lounge want to let you fellas know that we have you in mind every bit as much as our female clients, so we've come up with these handy tips to pair your hair with just the right product. 





Pomades are incredibly versatile, offering a wet, shiny look while maintaining a pliable hold. They’re great on shorter, texturized styles but shouldn't be used in thin/fine hair. They also give shine and separation to longer hair. We recommend AG Cosmetics Waxx pomade or John Masters Organics Hair Pomade.


  1. Apply a small amount to the tips of your fingers and rub hands together until product warms and spreads.
  2. Work product through slightly damp to dry hair, going from ends to root. If you piece the ends together a bit you get a great, piecey, textured style.




Waxes are similar to pomades, but offer a more aggressive hold. Great for adding shine and control to short cuts, they’re also perfect for managing very thick hair. We recommend AG Cosmetics Stucco Matte Paste.


  1. Dry hair completely as oil and water don't mix.
  2. Apply a small amount to your fingertips and rub hands together until product warms and spreads.
  3. Work product through hair, going from ends to root.




A mud (or fiber) is the choice when maximum control is needed. This type of styler is great for giving texture to short, disheveled styles and for adding separation to long styles. Many muds and fibers give off a non-glossy, matte finish. We recommend Evo Construction Cream or AG Cosmetics Welding Paste.


  1. Dry hair completely.
  2. Apply a small amount to your fingertips and rub hands together until product warms and spreads.
  3. Work product through hair, going backward up the hair strands from ends to root.




Styling creams are often the best choice for men who need something in their hair, but don’t want to look like it. They offer a lighter finish, some shine and control flyaways. We recommend Evolvh Styling Creme and Evo Construction Cream.


  1. Wash hair and smooth cream using your fingertips into wet or dry hair.
  2. If you have fine hair, use a very small amount to avoid a greasy look.




Gels are usually best for creating a wet or sleek look. Cheap supermarket gels tend to flake off in the hair after a few hours, so it’s important to purchase a quality product, such as AG Cosmetics Styling Gel or Hard Gel. Styling Gel is for thin or fine hair, Hard Gel is for thick or unruly hair.


  1. Work small amount into wet hair, comb and let air dry for a wet look.
  2. Use on drier hair to hold a style in place or put in wet hair, blow dry and add a small amount more after drying to lock strands in place.
  3. Reactivate (when needed) by wetting hands and running lightly through your hair.




Thought hairspray was just for women? Think again! Hairsprays are perfect for guys with thin or thinning hair. These sprays create the illusion of volume and can lock a style in place. We recommend AG Cosmetics Ultradynamics hairspray for strong hold without weighing the hair down or Evolvh Ultraflex Hairspray for a workable finish, best for men with thinner hair.


  1. Hold the bottle approximately six to eight inches from the head and lightly mist over hair.
  2. Place hand over your forehead, this will help keep product away from the forehead and eyes.


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