best results out of your makeup consultation
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best results out of your makeup consultation

Here is how to get the best results out of your makeup consultation (wedding day, parties, photo shoots, etc...)

It is a great idea to have a makeup consultation for any event. That way you know exactly how you're going to look beforehand without a lot of the stress. Here are some tips to help you prepare yourself for the best results!

1. You will want to bring a photo (or photos) of a makeup look that fits the following parameters :
A. The model in the pic has similar features to yours. Makeup looks different on different skin tones, eye colors, etc...
B. To make sure that you don’t get surprised with the results, your pictures should show a full face of makeup not just half of a face. The same Makeup will look very different on both eyes than it does when you see half the face. The look on one eye will be more natural but when it is on both eyes it looks more dramatic.

2. Wear Colors that are similar to the color you are wearing to the event (ie . brides should wear light colors to the makeup consultation) Colors of what you wearing can change the look and intensity of your makeup.

3. Come with a clean face (no moisturizers or SPF). The makeup application will look much better on clean, fresh skin.

4. You should have high expectations for your results but keep in mind that pictures are not reality and the picture has, most likely, been touched up.

5. It’s better to do the consultation no more than two months before your event(For Brides we recommend within 6 months of the event). That's enough time for you to still remember how you're going to look.

6. Don’t be afraid to communicate with the makeup artist for more information about what you're trying to achieve to get better results.

7. last, but not least, don't forget to have fun!

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