Chemical peels
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Chemical peels

Chemical peels, out with the old, in with the new…….



Winter is here, and it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate, and not hibernate.

Have you looked in the mirror recently, and been dismayed at the tired, dry look of your skin? This summer, along with many others, has taken its toll on your skin, causing aging, wrinkles and dull skin surface. The moisturizers are just not getting to it, and you look like you need a helping hand. And so do your hands.

Maybe it’s time to think carefully about a chemical skin peel this winter, and emerge into summer looking younger, with a more vibrant, fresh skin.

What does a chemical peel consist of: A chemical compound – often mostly comprised of natural elements, such as lactic or salicylic acids – is applied to the skin, which causes the targeted layer, or layers of skin to peel away, promoting younger, fresh skin growth beneath, and in effect totally revitalizing your skin’s appearance.

It requires little or no down time, and is performed by an Esthetician depending on the depth of the peel, and they can be performed as Superficial and Medium peels.


Some additional benefits of a chemical skin peel are:

  1. Remedy accumulated sun damage.
  2. Minimize the look of mild scar damage.
  3. Diminish the appearance of surface wrinkles.
  4. Improve blotchy, irregular skin color areas.
  5. Eradicate stubborn blackheads and mild acne.
  6. Reduce oily skin.


A course of treatments is always recommended as more beneficial than a single chemical peel.

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