A Warm Welcome!

A Warm Welcome!

Going to a new stylist can be scary! Here are some tips to make your next trip to a new salon (hopefully ours!) easier.

Stylists like to see your typical hair and makeup routine, especially on your first visit. This lets them create a style and colors that suit you uniquely. When you plan your salon visit, try to come in with hair that’s freshly washed, day-old hair, or two-day-old hair (as little product as possible, but use what you normally would) to give your stylist more insight into how your hair behaves, this way your cowlicks and growth patterns will be more evident. For a color appointment, clean strands will absorb color more evenly. Dirty hair often contains patches of grease, product build-up, and dry ends. When it’s cleaner, color doesn’t have to penetrate through anything in roots, mid-shaft, and ends.

On your first visit, you should brief your stylist on your hair. A successful recommendation from your stylist is dependent on her knowledge of past treatments and services. The longer your hair, the further back in time you’ll need to recall. Even if you’ve covered up highlights from six months ago, they’re still in your hair and will affect how different sections respond to color. There is no such thing as "do what you did last time". Jog your stylist’s memory by bringing in a picture of yourself with the style you love and explain what you specifically like about it, or a few pictures from online highlighting specific areas or an all-over look you are trying to acheive. Be sure the photos you are bringing in are of people who have YOUR specific hair type, so that your stylist really gets an idea of what you are wanting. The more descriptive you can be and the more photos you bring, the better the consultation and results will be.

Spending time on your phone (or other technology) can shift your posture, slouch your shoulders, and move your head, all of which can negatively impact your haircut. It’s best to sit up straight, keep your legs uncrossed, and keep your arms at your sides. You don't have to be a statue, just be aware of how your body movements can affect your stylist's ability to give you a great service.

After a new color service, sticking to the same old routine can lead to hues fading more quickly. Colored hair responds like colored fabric - leave it in the sun and it fades, wash it in hot water or strong detergent and it fades. Use a color-specific shampoo; try UV-blocking products, and invest in a swim cap for the pool - putting conditioner on before putting the swim cap on will help to protect your hair even further. Remember the tips you hear, especially regarding heat settings that will prevent scorched hair. Take notes if you want! Clients tend to burn their hair with thermal appliances, because they don't understand how to protect their hair from repeated heat tool use.

Fringe frames your face and is key to the overall cut; even a slight trim can shorten the wrong hairs and completely throw off your look. Tempted to DIY? We offer free bang trims between appointments, so call and schedule one before you grab those household scissors!

Even the best cut and color fades and requires maintenance, depending on your tolerance for roots and a grown out style. Shorter styles require visits every 4-6 weeks while longer cuts can last 6-8 weeks. Try to avoid asking to be squeezed in, because if your stylist is forced to do a rush job, you may compromise the quality of the results. If you’re new to a salon, try to arrive 15 minutes early to better acquaint yourself with the stylist and afford possible extra time for a consultation.

Collared shirts, turtlenecks, and hoodies can alter the natural fall of the hair. Accessories like earrings and necklaces can catch on combs. Try to remember to remove jewelry and wear simple, close-fitting tops to the salon.

All in all, we want your first visit to our salon to be a positive one. We enjoy giving our clients the best services we possibly can, and that starts from the moment you step in our front door. :)

- Your Friends at Avital Beauty Lounge.

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