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What are you doing to keep your hair strong and healthy?

As a stylist, I always try to stay on top of what's going on in the industry. Lately there has been an even greater shift toward less aggresive chemical-filled color, so I've decided to switch the color line I've been using for the last 8 years and try something a little less harsh. I was using Wella Kholeston Perfect, but am now using Redken Chromatics. Redken Chromatics maximizes the efficiency of the ingredients used in the coloring process.


Colorists have turned to ammonia as their alkaline of choice for decades, relying on the substance to swell the hair fibers, open up the hair cuticle and allow the dye pigments to penetrate strands. But, since ammonia can weaken and damage strands, not to mention is smells horrible, Redken has exchanged this substance in favor of a much milder alkaline: mono ethylene glycol.

Chromatics features an incredible range of 48 shades including brilliant brunettes, vibrant reds and beautiful blondes, so you can custom blend a Chromatics color that’s perfect for you. The technology behind Chromatics is a result of breakthrough research from the Redken labs: ODS² (Oil Delivery System) + Protein Extract Technology gives Chromatics the unique ability to fortify hair and deliver color pigments at the same time.This propels the long-lasting color pigments & protein extracts deep into every strand of hair, leaving behind brilliant, multi-dimensional color that is never dull or flat. The proteins attach to the hair’s inner cortex because of the manner in which the oil delivery system interacts with hair fibers. There’s a small amount of oils in the professional salon color and in the developer so that, when the formula is applied to strands, these protective oils coat the hair cuticle. Now, since water and oil repel each other, as these oils coat the outer layer of the hair, the dyes and the fortifying proteins in the formula are propelled further inside fibers, adhering to the hair cortex and  thereby strengthening strands from the inside out. Redken research indicates that the hair of people who received a Chromatics service was twice as strong as that of people with virgin (uncolored) hair. It can also cover gray flawlessly while leaving hair shiny, conditioned and fortified.

The consistency of the color is really great also, it applies very evenly which really helps acheive a great end result. I am also carrying the Redken Shades EQ as a color refresh or demi-permanent option for clients who don't like to use permanent color, who don't like to color often and don't want a harsh grow-out line, or those who like to change their color often. Come in and experience it for yourself, you will love the results!

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